Medical Tourism in India for Affordable Health Care

Gone are the days when people from less developed nations traveled to developed countries looking for advanced healthcare services. Asia is fast becoming one of the most sought after destinations for medical travel and India stands right up the ladder. The boom in the medical India tourism has been contributed by a host of factors that include affordable medical treatments, high quality medical care, wellness tourism, appealing accommodation options, highly skilled pool of medical professionals and above all, hospitals in India with advanced infrastructure.

Affordable yet excellent healthcare service in India is one of the reasons why people from around the globe choose the country for their medical travel. IVF, cosmetic surgery, infertility, organ transplant and oncology are the various medical arenas that is covered in medical tourism in India.

Top 4 Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic therapy has been able to reach many clients and change their life for the better. This alternative medicine gave hope to those who thought their condition is there for the rest of their lives. With this holistic approach in achieving optimum health, many have chosen chiropractic because it is a non-invasive. Other than that, a home health program is provided to allow the patient to follow a regimen for their betterment. Read on to know the top benefits of chiropractic treatment and you too could experience quality life.

The main benefit of seeing a chiropractor is getting relief from muscle and joint pains. A patient who has experienced chronic pain and had taken medication to get immediate relief realizes that the root cause of the ache is not targeted but only numbing it for a while. With chiropractic therapy, it is not only the pain that is eliminated but also understanding where it came from. Thus aside from getting relief from pain, it is also prevented from returning.

What Is Cardiac Telemetry?

Telemetry is a technology that allows measurements to be made at a distance, via radio wave or IP network transmission and reception of the information. Telemetry information over wire had its origins in the 19th century.

Cardiac Telemetry comes in handy in monitoring a patient's heart rate and rhythm which takes place at a distant location, typically a nursing station in a cardiac telemetry area. They are used as patient monitoring machines. This technique is used to monitor patients recovering from heart surgeries, patients who may be at risk of heart problems, and patients experiencing health difficulties relating to the heart. Some hospitals have dedicated cardiac telemetry service since heart problems are a common situation in current times. When the patient is admitted, he or she undergoes a meticulous medical history and physical exam as well as an ECG and important cardiovascular exam.

Flexibility and Convenience at Local Walk in Clinic

A walk in clinic is also called a retail clinic because of its location in strip malls, pre-existing drugstores and association with pharmacies. They are predominately operated daily by nurse practitioners, assistants and technicians. They assist the community with their diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention (where possible) of common illnesses such as the seasonal ones or preventable ones with vaccination shots. They also assist with minor injuries that don't require cutting or surgery of any kind. They offer examinations and treatments for simple skin conditions; wellness physicals for athletics, school and basic stress test are available as well.

Yet, it has been vastly determined that the facilities that call themselves a walk in clinic vary slightly not only in the services they offer but the way they present their services and their preferred method of payment. Although they are located in many metropolitan areas they are also needed in the suburbs and rural areas where healthcare is still needed and expensive to maintain these days.

Health Insurance Companies - How They Make Money

How do health insurance companies make money? How do these companies earn if they are supposed to cover the medical expenses of their clients? According to some people, the insurance companies earn the same way the gambling casinos do. The reason why that has been said is because risk plays a very big factor in both types of business. In the insurance industry, there is no guarantee that people will get sick or suffer from accidents in the future. People pay for insurance because there is always the risk of getting hurt and incurring medical expenses. Nevertheless, as a lot of businesses are, the odds are always in favor of the companies.

All types of insurance companies, including life, accidental death, disability, automobile, `nd health insurance companies, earn money by accumulating the premium that their clients pay. One company usually has thousands of insured individuals that could rightfully claim medical assistance.

EMR - No Neo-Luddites in Endoscopy: Embrace and Interface

If you are unfa­mil­iar with the term, the Lud­dites in Eng­land of the early nine­teenth cen­tury dis­ap­proved of the indus­trial rev­o­lu­tion, and wrecked fac­to­ries by indus­trial sab­o­tage to protest the replace­ment of their skilled labor jobs by machin­ery. Their attempted social de-evolution led Lud­dites to exe­cu­tion or trans­porta­tion to Aus­tralia. Many today, wish­ing for return to a qui­eter, calmer, slower exis­tence, believe that the Lud­dites may have been on to something.

If you lean toward the neo-Luddite, you might elect to avoid EMR like the plague (In fact, you won't find much dis­pute in med­i­cine that the plague is in fact a good thing to avoid, so per­haps the anal­ogy is not a great one). We all know peo­ple who don't have an email address (gasp!), which in our era is like not being sure how to use a tele­phone or play a CD (Although come to think of it, this anal­ogy may have holes as well.

Miami Medical Research Centers

If you are a patient seeking more innovative treatment, or if you are looking for more significant materials that you can use in your own clinical studies, then it is best that you scout for medical research centers in Miami. By working with the right people, you can find the answers to your medical inquiries, not just in theory, but also via tried and tested results.

One of the most strategic cities in the United States when it comes to medical research is Miami. Popular not only for its tropical climate, Miami is also well known for its centers for medical studies and clinical trials. A lot of popular names in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical industries are based in the city, as it offers a very conducive environment for clinical and lab testing and many other forms of research programs.

How Voice/Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) Is Going to Affect Medical Transcription in the Future

Future of Medical Transcription/Trancriptionists:

For over a decade, voice recognition companies has been working to improve their softwares for MT purposes and now Naunce Dragon has introduced a powerful software other than before that is "Naunce Naturally Speaking Medical 10 software". According to the company, it provides 90-95% accuracy. There are also other companies that are providing such softwares, e.g. M*Model, etc.

A lot of physicians tried this software when it was launched. The physicians thought that it was great, at first, but when they has to train the software to their voices, and has to go back to correct the many mistakes the software would create on the report; they realized that they were losing time and money, as there was also need to review or QA the files... that would not be feasible those doctors who do not invest more time after dictations. Most of them came back to use the medical transcriptionist.

The New Urgent Care Clinic Leaving Emergency Rooms in The Dust!

Even though life is running along smoothly we often entertain the thought of a deadly disease or at best an accident that will take us out of the game. It seems to be human nature to contemplate the negative. Sometimes as we snuggle under warm covers in bed at night attempting to fall asleep, our minds will take on the subject matter of a nightmare of Biblical proportions. What if I get hit by a bus? Is that pain in my back cancer of the spine? Can mosquitoes inject HIV into my veins when I get bit? All these questions and many more boil to the top of our conscious mind, making the simple act of falling asleep a Herculean task. It for this reason-and many others-that knowing the name and address of a certified, friendly, discreet and affordable urgent care clinic is such a good idea.

If you are unaware of the concept of the urgent care clinic, think hospital emergency room on steroids.

Medical Fraud: A Big Dollar Concern

With reports about identity fraud making waves throughout the news media, it's especially important for those looking at the American health care industry to consider a specific kind of identity fraud that can be especially expensive for victims. Medical fraud is commonly defined as any kind of identity theft that facilitates the use of insurance or medical information which allows for an unauthorized individual to get access to medical insurance, medical care or other services, or that in some cases, allows for false billing or funneling money directly from the victim to the fraud perpetrator. Learning more about it can help you avoid medical bankruptcies or other problems.

The Numbers on Medical Fraud

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): Now That It Is Ruled Constitutional, What Does It Mean

Here is what we know about President Obama's health care reform system in a simplified way after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it to be constitutional. Aside from its political aspects, the court's decision was a victory for all Americans. After digesting the decision, following are the different provisions of the law affecting the citizens and others.

1. If You Are a Young Adult: If you are under 26 you will be covered under your parents insurance if hey have any. Otherwise starting 2014 you have to buy your own insurance if not covered by that of your parents, by your employer or a government program. Otherwise, you must pay penalty prescribed by the law.

2.If You Have a Low to Middle Income: Starting 2014 you will be covered by Medicaid if you earn less than 133% of the federal poverty line, presently set at $14,856.

The Patient Protection And Affordable Health Care Act - Is Obamacare Healthy For America?

The American public is totally divided about the merits and demerits of Obamacare. The whole episode has also become a contentious political issue. However, people who oppose the Health Care Act seldom understand the true benefits that it can bring to the people of America.

The main focus of the Act is to bring as many people as possible under health insurance coverage. When the Act is enforced, people would be adequately covered by health insurance, and enjoy the benefits of Obamacare. Here is a brief overview of the real benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act.

First of all, insurance companies will not be allowed to discriminate based on the pre-existing conditions of applicants.

Strategies for Accurately Completing Residents' Medical Records

The accuracy of a long-term care facility's medical records system requires effective training, ongoing education, and great communication among the staff that handle the records. Staff need to be constantly aware of issues that could impinge on that accuracy and have strategies in place to ensure they have adequate time to document all events that occur-from a fall to a prescription drug reaction to weight gain or loss.

Some of the issues that may prevent accurate documentation include:

Staffing shortages. A facility must have an adequate resident to nursing staff ratio in order to operate effectively. When staff is short, the nurses and aides left to take care of the residents often do not have adequate time to accurately complete a resident's medical record or file an incident report.

Cardiologist - Providing Effective Treatment for Heart-Related Problems

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in medical problems of the heart. This physician usually works in medical facilities to include private practices, universities, and hospitals. This doctor must have a medical degree, specialized training in cardiology, and additional training in internal medicine.
The role of a cardiologist is to prevent problems associated with the heart. Examples of heart conditions this doctor treats include:

• Heart Attacks

• Congenital Heart Defects

• Coronary Artery Disease

How Documentation Helps Mitigate Risk in Long-Term Care Facilities

Accurately documenting and completing health records is essential for a long-term care facility to minimize risk and liability. Written documentation supports and validates the actual events that took place during a resident's care or during an incident involving a resident. Should an incident occur-such as a fall-or a resident becomes gravely ill, accurate documentation of events would be needed as evidence if the family or resident file a lawsuit.

For that reason, it is imperative to document the event on the resident's chart and follow the facility's incident reporting procedures. Completing both the medical record and incident report are important to supporting the defense of the facility if an incident is under investigation or goes into litigation.

Some examples include: