How Voice/Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) Is Going to Affect Medical Transcription in the Future

Future of Medical Transcription/Trancriptionists:

For over a decade, voice recognition companies has been working to improve their softwares for MT purposes and now Naunce Dragon has introduced a powerful software other than before that is "Naunce Naturally Speaking Medical 10 software". According to the company, it provides 90-95% accuracy. There are also other companies that are providing such softwares, e.g. M*Model, etc.

A lot of physicians tried this software when it was launched. The physicians thought that it was great, at first, but when they has to train the software to their voices, and has to go back to correct the many mistakes the software would create on the report; they realized that they were losing time and money, as there was also need to review or QA the files... that would not be feasible those doctors who do not invest more time after dictations. Most of them came back to use the medical transcriptionist.

And the remaining physicians, who are continuing to use the SRT (Speech Recognition Technology also known as Voice Recognition) are still having medical transcriptionists to edit and QA the reports, or they themselves have to edit or review it to ensure accuracy.

Second danger to MTs would be EMR system, which called Electronic Medical Records system, it is also not enough danger to MTs, but it can affect initially little setups, as it would be difficulty for them to afford EMR software. In fact it's an effort to make a paperless environment, not to finish MT career.

In fact, it will be more easy and beneficial to the MTs, who will do editing and QA the SRT/VR report, as they will not have to transcribe the dictations, just to edit or QA/QC the files.

In SRT/VR methods, physicians will need an "extra set of eyes" same as QCs/QAs to edit or review the patient report and make sure it is accurate.

As you all know, MTs are the best having "extra set of eyes" because of their experience and daily routines.

The EMR will allow information to all the physicians to look at. If a patient's report has inaccurate information in it, then it is possible the next physician would make a wrong decision for that patient based on the report created by SRT/VR.

So, you can easily find that it is very important to have MTs/QAs editing and reviewing medical reports for perfect accuracy.

Article Sourbe: Usman A Kokab

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