Flexibility and Convenience at Local Walk in Clinic

A walk in clinic is also called a retail clinic because of its location in strip malls, pre-existing drugstores and association with pharmacies. They are predominately operated daily by nurse practitioners, assistants and technicians. They assist the community with their diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention (where possible) of common illnesses such as the seasonal ones or preventable ones with vaccination shots. They also assist with minor injuries that don't require cutting or surgery of any kind. They offer examinations and treatments for simple skin conditions; wellness physicals for athletics, school and basic stress test are available as well.

Yet, it has been vastly determined that the facilities that call themselves a walk in clinic vary slightly not only in the services they offer but the way they present their services and their preferred method of payment. Although they are located in many metropolitan areas they are also needed in the suburbs and rural areas where healthcare is still needed and expensive to maintain these days.

Your health and well being are critical to your daily life function. If you aren't well then how will you be around to do the work or take care of your family? Many people put off answering this question just like they put off the little health hiccups they encounter in life until they become larger issues that only a hospital visit, long term medication and/or surgery can mend. So, when something doesn't feel quite right or you are inexplicably ill or tired, you don't go to get the medical advice and assistance that you need. Why is that? Well, one of the main reasons that individuals don't go to a nurse practitioner or doctor at the first sign of illness or put off taking their children and even carry this habit to their elderly years until they require a hospital stay is because of the cost. But, depending upon the walk in clinic in your area their flexibility can help you get all of the health care you need between serious hospital visits that can often be required throughout one's life (serious illness, injury, child birth, etcetera).

The flexibility of a walk in clinic extends to its location. They are in strip malls, shopping centers, drugstores and pharmacies that allow you to walk in, sign up and shop while you wait. Some are even connected to primary care offices for added convenience to the community they serve. Their flexibility also includes their willingness to not only take same day walk ins but to also accept appointment to fit the community's differing schedules.

Lastly, a walk in clinic is also open to insurance or no insurance as a part of payment even though some establishments can range from free and low cost to average costs of treatment. They all provide shots and prescriptions which is what most clients require common illnesses and minor injuries. As you can see from their flexibility they are providing a huge service by facilitating traditional health care with alternative service facilities that provide the same level of care.

Article Source: Antoinette Ayana

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